Myntra Celebrated 7th Foundation Day

Myntra, one of the leading online fashion store, celebrated its 7th foundation day recently in Bangalore. It was celebrated as a play and sports day. Myntra often involves in sports sponsorship. So the company decided to celebrate this special day as day long outing at Play Arena on Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

There were seven games on the celebration day. These were bowling, archery, air shooting, paintball, Wall climbing, Laser Tag and High striker. 18 teams from various departments participated in this huge celebration. The team who wins the games, were awarded points.

This 18 teams comprised of 530 employees of Myntra. Each and every participant enjoyed to the fullest on this day. They were either playing or rooting for their teams. The environment all over there was very healthy and enthusiastic. Everyone was showing the sportsman spirit.

To ensure that the energy level of anyone does not go down, there were continued supply of juices, pani puri, popcorn, cotton candy, chocolate from fountain, bonda etc. All the dishes were mouth watering. Juice counter saw huge crowd all through the day as it was a sunny day. Inspite of the Sun showering at its best, the sportsman spirit did not seem to be a setback.

There were also some carnival games like Angry birds, Rodeo. bungee running, drop-a-dope, boxing, super buzzer, inflatable tug of war etc. This seemed to be never ending fun activities. Everyone were enjoying to the fullest.

The prize of the winning team, first runner ups and second runner ups were decided before hand only. There was cash prize of Rs.1,50,000 for winners, Rs.1,00,000 for first runner up team and Rs. 50,000 for second runner up team.

At the end of the day, by 4pm in the evening the results were complied and announced. Those who win the trophy of Myntra 7th Foundation day celebration was Chronicles of Tron from Engineering group. They were so proud of themselves. Hats of them who struggled so much and at last was the winning team. The Second runner up was Shikari Shambhus from Marketing. The First runner up team was Joshiley (a cross functional team).

Finally the sports day came to an end and all the employees then moved to Xtreme Sports Bar Lounge for drinks and dancing till late after the sun went down. So overall it was a great celebration.